Florida Farm North

Haydock, St. Helens


Economic Benefits

Social Benefits

Environmental Benefits

Economic Benefits


St.Helens Metropolitan Borough Council has aspirations to increase employment and attract new business investment into the Borough.

The provision of logistics buildings on the Florida Farm North Site is of major importance in helping drive economic growth in St.Helens and will help businesses to improve, grow and take on more staff.


The proposed development will create at least 2,500 permanent jobs and given that Bericote have a track record of delivering developments that exceed typical job creation figures, this could be even higher.


In addition, further jobs will be created during the construction stage of the development.


The infographic opposite demonstrates the economic benefits of the proposed development during both the construction and operational stages.

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Social Benefits


The Florida Farm North Scheme will provide employment opportunities and will help meet the needs of the community for jobs.  The scheme will deliver a high quality development which is accessible to the existing community, and will also improve vehicular and pedestrian access to the Haydock Industrial Estate.


Unemployment levels in St. Helens are amongst the highest in the country and one of the key challenges for the Borough is to deliver large developer ready sites and other employment land to provide new jobs for local people.


Working in collaberation with the new Logistics Academy oppoertated by St. Helens college, the future occupiers will assist in improving the skills of local people, enabling them to take greater advantage of employment opportunities both on the site itself and on nearby employment sites.


Bericote will also participate in a Local Employment Scheme to promote the use of local construction firms and suppliers during the construction period of the site.


The creation of jobs will meet the community’s needs and support the Borough’s health and social well-being.


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Environmental Benefits


The development of the Florida Farm North Site will provide several environmental enhancements including:


  1. Flooding improvements downstream through additional on-site storage capacity as part of a Sustainable Urban Drainage System

  2. Additional woodland planting and new habitat ponds to create a substantial ecological area at the south-west corner of the sit

  3. Improved Access

The new junction will also improve pedestrian/cycle connectivity with the inclusion of prioritised crossing facilities over the A580, improving the accessibility by non-car modes of transport between the Haydock Industrial Estate and the residential areas to the south and making it safer and easier for residents to get to their place of work.

The improved arrangement is illustrated in the plans below, which demonstrate that the scheme should reduce journey distances with a consequential saving in fuel costs and reduction in vehicle emissions. The improvements will facilitate further investment in the Haydock Industrial Estate and reduce operating costs for the current occupiers.

The provision of an enhanced all-ways traffic light junction will provide a number of positive benefits. It will enable a direct means of access to the site and will also facilitate improved access into the industrial estate via Haydock Lane, making it easier for vehicles travelling to and from the M6 to enter and exit the industrial estate.